Christmas Music box with moving car

This was a project I just threw together today. I hope you enjoy it.

The music box is a cheap wind up that I drilled into the top of the winding shaft to glue a penny nail in place, to mount a piece of scrap wood with magnets glued to it, the rest is history.


The song on the music box is jingle bells, so I went with a Christmas tree.

The car belongs to my daughter’s expensive music box, so I need to design a mini sleigh with magnet, and put some other items on top of the box, and etched into the sides.

(pictures uploaded with randomness)

1/8 in baltic birch used.


Okay…we need a video of this in action I think. :star_struck:


hehe, the car drives backwards, so no video until I make the sleigh! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the file. Thanks also for the beautiful sky background. I can almost feel the ocean breeze.


My pleasure! We need a Honolulu glowforge con!

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Very cute, and unique! Can’t wait for the video. And thanks for the file!


Very cute! Can’t wait for the video either … what a fun project!

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A sleigh might be a bit short of snow there. I have forgotten the name but recall there was something like a cross between a toboggan and a surfboard that folk would take down prepared runs down the side of the mountains that was even more exciting (dangerous) than surfing. Which is why that died out and surfing remained I guess.

Anyway I would think that such a Hawaiian version of a sleigh might be interesting


Wha a great concept! Thanks for the share!

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Every Christmas Santa arrives on an outrigger canoe. I really need to rethink this as a Hawaiian Christmas for it to sell here. Instead of a bridge, it could be two palm trees that he goes under. It would also be nice to find an aloha oe Music box, but that seems like a pipe dream, couldn’t find it.

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I made the santa yesterday but the details were a little burned out, so I am reworking it. Now maybe Santa needs to be in a canoe… but I have almost a whole day to play with it, after working almost 30 days in a row at the job that pays. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :sunny:

That is really cool. Love it!

Thank you!
Now I need a 3-D printer to create a legitimate gearbox like the nice music boxes have…

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That could get an outrigger almost anywhere !

Hahaha yes! And today and tomorrow are all day conferences. But with a laptop… and my new wacom.

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Today’s progress.



Very nice! I like the dolphin arch.

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Thank you :slight_smile: