Christmas Ornament Bonanza!

Did a bunch of prototype ornaments to send out as Christmas cards this year.

I am smitten with the tree made of stained glass.

I have some other snowflake ones drying made of glass. These ones are blue acrylic.

The NH state is stained glass sandwiched between baltic birch.


Very unique idea and so pretty! :grinning::+1:

Thank you! I plan on making the state one into a lighted wall piece with the stained glass too.


Nice! Did you infill that acrylic with gold paint? That’s what it looks like.

These are so beautiful! I cannot wait to get my glowforge!

so is the tree a piece of stained glass that you etched on the GF?

The blue acrylic, paint before demasking?

Yes it is a piece of stained glass. I cut it with a glass cutter and ground the edges to a smooth bevel with a glass grinder. Used a dremel for the hole in the top, put blue tape over it and into the GF for etching. I then dry-brushed the etching and once dry took the tape off. Some of the paint came off when I used a sponge to clean what got under the tape but I like the aged look it gives.

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Yes, paint before de-masking.

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I just used craft paint before I de-masked it.

thanks! that’s great to know. my wife does stained glass and i think we can find some uses for this in her work.

You definitely can! I used 400 speed at full power, a single pass. Beveling the edges slightly is easy on a grinder if she doesn’t have an actual beveling tool. I also know that there is a paint that won’t come off so easily that is used for stained glass. I just didn’t remember it until after I did these.

cool, thanks. not sure if she has a beveling tool, but she definitely has a grinder.