Christmas Ornament help!

My Pro isn’t working yet, so I decided to start working on learning to make my own files. I did this one step by step following a video, but would love for someone to give it a try for me! Red-cut, Blue-engrave, green-score. first ornament design


Nice design. If you want the star to engrave it must be a filled shape. Currently it is a vector line and will be a single similar to the string of lights.


Ok. Thanks! Will the words engrave?

Everything came into the UI just fine.

The green bits default to cuts, but it’s easy to change them to scores.
You can change the Blue Star to an engrave too. It would default if filled but not a big deal to change.

It came in as a 4 inch circle.


Thanks so much! If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to see what it looks like cut. Even on cardboard. That is what I plan to start on when they get this stinker fixed. It is SO HARD to be patient!


YAY!!! Thanks so much!

So cute! I’ll definitely give it a try, I’m still learning and mostly just playing around with small things so far.

Great job! What video did you watch to teach you had to create this?

It is a Youtube by 85th and Pine

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I would love to see how it turns out!