Christmas Ornament outlines

For those new, maybe wanting to try their hand on their GF to make some simple ornaments. Here is a sheet of ornament outlines to get you started, filling up the whole 12 x 20 page. I always start all my designing on a 12 x 20 artboard as it is a GF ‘best practice’. Obviously you can delete or copy/paste for the number you need and add your own artwork.



Thank you so much, these will be handy!!

How generous of you! Thanks!

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updated the file. Cut the red inside circles first and then the black ornaments last. Always work inside out when cutting so that the important material does not drop down before it is time.

Thanks @evansd2 for reminding me! I was trying to quickly ungroup, delete my artwork, etc and wasn’t paying attention.

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So nice of you to share those with everyone!

Wow, Thank You. I was going to make some for the family and got lazy, not wanting to take the time to draw them up. Now maybe I will do it.

Thank You!

Thanks. This certainly will be helpful to those just starting out…as well as to some of us that have been here a long time and are procrastinators.

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How do you download? :slight_smile:

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Right click on image, Save As.