Christmas Ornaments to Engrave

I posted this in another thread, but a forum expert :wink: recommended I start a new topic, so here it is.

I’m interested in trying to direct engrave on glass ornaments. Round ones are a no go for the Glowforge, but I did find these glass disc ornaments that are just 1 1/6 inches deep for the ones linked and 1 7/16 inches deep for the bigger ones that they have on Amazon.

It might take some work to get the power/speed levels right so the very thin glass doesn’t crack, but I hope I can get them to work. They have a slightly domed surface. Likely will engrave, then paint the inside of the ornaments. Possibly paint on the outside and engrave the color off - or both with contrasting colors inside and out.

I ordered a box of both (for next year’s holiday, unfortunately) and will be giving them a try when my Glowforge arrives. I’ll post results then.


I’ll be interested to see if this works…that would make some lovely ornaments, and you could personalize them with a family’s initial or monogram. There are some very fancy fonts that would look really good on those.



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I am on my way to Hobby Lobby right now to pick some up…will have a go tomorrow and report back :grinning:
I’ve seen colored ones engraved like this one though.


Nice, It is recommended to buy a few for the tests :sweat_smile: but It will depend when the Glowforge arrives, if it is before 31/Dec or after… Before: You have a few time to give them as a present :wink:. After: The Christmas ornaments will be cheaper and you will have all year to do tests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: obviously with the help of all the forum and their Glowforges :grin:


One thing that might be problematic because it’s so thin the laser might Mar the opposite side of the flatter glass ornament unless I can stick something inside to absorb any of the laser energy


I seem to recall glass obsorbing most if not all the energy of a CO2 laser.


She’s already got two lasers!


I’m just not sure if it will travel down through the glass to the other side…


I’m jealous. We don’t have HLs near me :slightly_frowning_face: I have to wait for Amazon Prime. Should be next week though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fill it (1/2 fill anyway so it doesn’t dribble - or cork it) with water maybe? Room temp to prevent thermal shock.


Nice find!

Will laser light go “through” something that is opaque? Isn’t that like wondering if visible light will travel through a piece of aluminum foil?

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Wont go through the opaque ones, its the clear flatter ones I wasn’t sure about.
I thought of filling it with something…maybe like aluminum foil…

They didnt have the smaller flat ones this year😭 they had them as well as square ones last year…should have grabbed some then…

they’re $8 delivered from Amazon. Think they’ll be here Sat. I can’t get regular ones for that pric (until it’s after Christmas then I don’t want to store them anymore than the store does :slight_smile:)

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Yes, I looked for them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann Fabrics. Didn’t see them at any of my local stores. Amazon (with free Prime shipping) was the cheapest I could find online.

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I was more worried about cracking the because of the thin glass. Good to hear you don’t think that will be a problem.

Foil or something could work if you want them to remain clear. I’m probably going to paint the inside. Was thinking of doing it after engraving, but may have to do it before. That should give good contrast and avoid any possible bleed through to the other side(unless it burns off the paint on the inside of the glass also).

Lots of You Tube videos on coloring them. Some say liquid floor wax and glitter works well, but I’m not sure etching will show up well on one that is glittered on the inside. Others say coat the inside with plain old hobby acrylic paint. I did some like that a few years ago, but the paint cracked and flaked after awhile. Others say they have had good luck by rinsing the inside with rubbing alcohol before painting to clear any impurities that could cause the poor adhesion.

Lots of stuff to try before getting to engraving.


Or fill with salt or sand and cork or tape it. Then it should pour right out after engraving.


I’m sure you know… but always, always use the Hobby Lobby coupon… they have either a 40 or 50% off coupon of one item on their website every week. I just pull it up on my phone and they type in the coupon code. Wouldn’t work great if they are selling them individually, but if they are selling packages of them, it can be nice savings… I’ve had good luck with them using the coupon on almost anything - even custom cut museum glass (makes that WAY more affordable).


I use the coupons all the time. Only work on non sale items (and everything is usually on sale :grin: ). I always make sure I find something to use the coupon on, even if it’s not the primary sale item I went to get.