Christmas Snowflake Ornament

Hi everyone, new owner here. Made a few personalized Christmas snowflakes. Feeling quite proud of myself :slight_smile:

Any comments, feedback welcome.


Nice merging of the snowflake & split monogram projects.

Did you try any where the name was pulled tighter horizontally so it was more of a large center? I’m thinking that might look cool too.

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Those are lovely, and will be special keepsakes!

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Nice! Welcome to the funhouse. :sunglasses:
Enjoy your adventure!

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Really nice!

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Thats a good suggestion. Will try that on the next go around!


Pretty!! Love Sophia’s color!

Great work! You are on your way! Keep lasering!

Oh, I really like these. A different take on the snowflake ornament.

People always love a personalized item - I’m sure your snowflakes will be a hit!

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They look great. Personalized snowflakes will be treasured for decades to come. My mom still has a weird little ornament I made of glued then painted dried noodles. She’ll never get rid of it. Your snowflakes are better for sure!