Christmas tree topper

Needed a new star for the Christmas tree.

Used Inkscape to create the star pattern and downloaded snowflake vector art for the engraving. Cut it out of cardboard first to test the arrangement and had to try several different settings to get the cardboard to cut all the way through. Couldn’t find a good test range on the forums. Some people mentioned 50/50 which didn’t make any sense.

The new “graphic” engrave settings are too extreme for this kind of application so I had to back the power down quite a bit. I didn’t need to etch a ton of material away, was just trying to get the visual effect. Would be nice if the settings had an explanation of what to expect given the :proofgrade: material. Seems like you just have to guess and try it out. Should be a photo gallery somewhere with examples. Also it is unclear to me if the “color” of the engrave matters in this case.

Engraved both sides after some trouble with alignment (see my other post). Overall worked out okay but would do it differently next time.

Used heavy gauge wire for the connection to the tree. The wire wrap posts were too thin so one ended up breaking off. I used light gauge wire to wrap the remaining post and it worked fine.

Happy holidays!


Sweet! :sunglasses:

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My wife would have a cow if I put the Christmas tree up this early :slightly_smiling_face:


This is lovely! Might be pretty in a clear or mirrored acrylic, too. Nicely done!


I would have a cow if she wanted me to!