Christmas Unicorns

for those out there questioning premium.

Here is a great application. My daughter got matched with a girl from a live in facility for abused and neglected girls for Christmas. The girl likes Unicorns.

conversation went like this.

her: “Daddy can we make something on the glowforge with a unicorn?”

me: “sure… we will look at options when I get home.”

less than 30 minutes later including 10 minutes of engrave and cut… PRESTO…

it isn’t a stupendous project. but it was simple enough that if they say “hey could you make…”
it wouldn’t be an onerous task to make others for other girls.


Very nice gift! (One of the Premium icons?) :slightly_smiling_face:

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it took some doing going through the available images and of course not knowing the girl.

hopefully she’ll like it.

I worry about the horn though. they have some restrictions in items that might be used to hurt themselves.

I might be removing the horn.

Maybe just sand down the point a bit…you can darken the sanded area with a Sharpie and it looks the same as the charred edge, but it would be safer.

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I will have to see what they say when my daughter takes it by later this week.


Or maybe make a substitute horn out of craft foam sheet or something else non-pokey.
Hope Faith is allowed to keep it as is though!


good idea!

I will have to see what happens. removing the horn makes it a horse. so a foam horn could work well. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s great your daughter is helping out someone in need. This needs to be instilled in all young people.

And maybe you could find a metallic or sparkly foam, so it would look more unicornish…