Christmas Window

I made this in Illustrator, and printed on my Glowforge :slight_smile: Reminds me of being a kid, and looking through our window into a warm house in December.


Oh that’s LOVELY! Different woods to get the different colours, or did you paint the wall?

I adore the snow in the corners.

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Thank you!

Yah, I used standard draftboard for the outer frame, since we (I design, wife paints) painted it white.

The rest are baltic birch, just stained. But you could paint it all, or not stain it at all, it could be done a bunch of different ways!

One layer of acrylic, proofgrade, for those window cut outs. I engraved it to look like snow build up.

I don’t know the policy on posting things to purchase here, but if you’re interested I sell the whole thing for 9 dollars to print / sell yourself :slight_smile:

Couple more pics

It is the second thing I’ve created by myself and thought it really turned out well.


It turned out great, and your wife’s painting is terrific.



This looks great thanks for showing us.

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You can absolutely post a link to where you sell your designs - you can link it in your profile too so that it will show up when someone clicks on your icon:
like this:


Fantastic! I only have 1 item on my Etsy store now, but will add to signature later, ty for advice!

I’ll put the link in the post :slight_smile:

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That is cute and very nicely executed!

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Love window scenes, well done!

Thanks so much, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Clever using the engrave to make snow.

The whole thing is very nice - it makes me remember doing the same thing. We’d be outside all day building snowmen and snow forts and snowball fights wet and runny noses and looking in the windows knowing it was toasty warm inside and when mom called she’d have hot cocoa with mini marshmallows & whipped cream. :smiley:


Nice Idea and great execution!

Wow! The window looks so realistic, like a wonderful antique shop find! Great job!

I can’t tell you how much I adore this. I would love to figure out a way to make those scenes interchangeable so they can change with the seasons.

That looks fantastic. Great job.

Totally, my wife suggested using the same frame on the outside, but changing out the other layers for the different seasons / holidays… Maybe if I made the outside frame not permanently fixed to the rest of the layers, you could change the frame out when needed… I like it.