Chrome Acrylic? is there such a thing?

I don’t want mirror hoping there is some kind of Chrome Acrylic. Does anyone know of a source? I made this on the X carve and used Metal chrome paint which I am not a fan of.

FYI Glowforge needs to step up there game I convert/design most all of my projects in Easel the software that runs my X-carve. Instead of colors I set the depths for different functions, cut, score engrave. It has a lot of the tools that I believe most everyone is looking for in the Glowforge. Several of the apps Offsetter, Xploder, Etc are easy to use and work extremely well. I export an SVG to use with the glowforge.



What you’re looking for is engravable two tone acrylic. There has been a fair amount of discussion about it.

Mostly people point to invetables as a source.✓&selected_filters[Effect][]=2+color

There are also metallic laserable sticker sheets, works really well for labels.

Lastly there is laserable synthetic leather that actually turns silver/grey when you laser it. Trippy.


I don’t quite understand which part of their game you think is lacking.

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This looks really nice!

Experimenting with other paints might be worth it.
This is spray gold…


I would take a look at Rowmark:


I think he’s referencing the design tools within easel. Been a while since I used it but it was pretty good for a freebie. I don’t know that it’s light years beyond what free GFUI has, and the pro version is much cheaper per month with a nice discount for annual subscriptions. I think the free version even allows “apps” to be added to it to extend it’s capabilities.

Wait… By “chrome” do you mean MIRRORED acrylic?

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The Molotow Chrome is pretty good. Lots of good videos on how to apply it correctly on YouTube.

Just here me out…

Mirror effect rust-oleum spray paint.

Gets sprayed in several layers on the backside. It’s not too mirror like. Figured couldn’t hurt to suggest.


The simple design tools that Easel offers would go far with some of the requests people are making on this forum. Like it or not Easel is a good one stop program and has served me well for the last three years. My Glowforge arrived days before they decided to start charging. Don’t get me wrong companies need to charge in some fashion to keep up with there product. Charging for storage and “faster” speeds seems a little bit of a stretch especially for those that might be paying $50. I believe the Easel Pro is less than 15 a month and has a lot of very useful tools. Thats all I ma saying

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Thanks for the suggestions on the Chrome, as nice as acrylic cuts on the GF one could make some pretty cool logos if a good alternative can be found. Was hoping not to paint and mirrored doesn’t seem to have the look of a chrome badge/logo that I ma looking for. I will check out some of the alternatives listed. Thanks again. Steve

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