Chrome Tanned Leather Experiment

New user and my primary material will be leather so I have been doing lots of experimenting.

Chrome Tanned Brown Leather Earrings Experiment

(No need to tell me about the health dangers of laser cutters and chrome tanned leather. My husband is an industrial health and safety manager and also an OSHA Certified Instructor)

3 ounce drum dyed mechanically corrected grain with a glazed finish.

Front masked
Speed = 400
Full power
Height - whatever GF had for medium thickness PG
2 passes


Oooo, nice! Thanks for the info.


Exhaust to the outside, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

If you breath too much of most things it can be bad for you :wink:



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I think I have read that crome tanned is not only bad for you but also bad for the laser.

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Would your husband be willing to talk? I’d love to ask him a question or two about engraving chrome tanned leather. Thanks.