Church Wine Box: Smaller Edition

The Cathedral wine box might be good for a major gift and fit a full liter bottle, but takes a bit too much material and is a bit outsized. I wanted something that had the layered effect but used material more efficiently and just fit a 750 ml bottle.

So we’ll call this the “church” wine box, befitting its smaller size.

Proofgrade Maple and thin clear acrylic. Inventables colored acrylic.

I thought I’d try a tight fitting lid that slid over the whole box and gave added dimension to the box. Works well. Not sure if proportions are fitting, but overall it’s ok. Need to make it in cherry though.

I added some detail engraving to the windows and that helps a bit with the effect.

Would be interesting to do some lighting inside the box for a display.

The Inkscape tabbed box maker is just perfect. Make the outside dimensions for the inner box and then the inside dimension for the outer lid with just a hair tolerance for a snug fit.

I had a great time this evening showing off all the Glowforge stuff and telling the story with some old friends that I haven’t gotten together with for almost a year. I definitely have not kept up with visits to friends in the past 9 months. Been a bit pre-occupied. I used to go visit or have folks over more, but I kind of stick around home a lot and work on projects. and hang out with the cool folks on the community forum. They were thrilled with the wine box, and all the other little things I made for them.

The bottle fits snug into a bottom ring and then the neck has its own collar to keep it from shifting.

It wasn’t until I looked at this picture that I realized I had forgotten to tell the box maker to make one side of the box open. So tabs are sticking up. Oh well. First iteration.

And I am a mess with CA glue. I need some of that acrylic polish too because by the time I get done getting everything assembled, the acrylic isn’t too nice. I might have to score an outline around the edge of the acrylic for alignment and also to be able to pull of an edge of masking where the glue goes and keeps the acrylic covered until everything is assembled to keep it clean.

I made a custom box to go around the box. I finished the whole thing with the blue painters tape and it looks kind of cool. Two boxes that fit into each other and enclose the whole of the wine box. A bit much, but I have lots of cardboard.


[Edit 6-1-2019 fixed top sides that were the thickness of the material too tall to frame the rose window.]

Print two of each of the long sides. Red cut, purple score, yellow engrave on Proofgrade maple, cherry or walnut. You’ll a sheet and a half of material. Print two of the shorter sides of the top cap with the circular cutout. One each of the bottom and the top squares.

The acrylic is the brown. Print four of each.The brown fill is engrave and the brown vector is cut.

The green is cut out of medium Draftboard for spacers to hold the wine bottle.

Here is the design for the cardboard box to go around it, setup is for .15" cardboard, but a slight bit thinner is still ok since the tape covers all the joints.

Since the sides are symetric, you just need to print two of each.



I like this one a lot with the neck collar. :grinning:


Beautiful! The window engravings are a great touch.


Very, very nice! I like the window engravings too. Maybe for your next box you can add 3D printed gargoyles or something. :laughing:


Looks great, as always! I also really like the window engravings.

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I love your choice of wine. The design is top notch.

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Thanks for walking us through your process in this attractive project. When I think about the amount of time you’ve saved the community with your posts, I get a big smile.


I think it would be neat to engrave tapestries, columns, a pipe organ, shadows of light coming through the windows etc that are visible when you look in through the acrylic windows. Maybe a wine bottle carrier contest is in order. A Dr Who inspired box sounds cool too.


I’m in the process of making this - and I’ve noticed one issue. When you removed the accidental tabs from the top of the box you made either the entire box 9.88mm too short, or placed the round windows 9.88mm too high - I’m fixing it by printing another square and gluing that into the top, but I’ve also edited the design to make the box 9.88mm taller in case I make it again :slight_smile:


Thanks for picking that up. I had never gotten back to make it again and see what was up. I’ll get to it someday.

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Just to verify - you made the total box taller, not shorter right?

Box is the same as that first edit but the top sides are slightly shorter on the top tabs by the thickness of the material. I thought that is what I could do but I could have made the top side tabs of the main box longer.