Cigar Boxes

Has anyone done cigar box Engraving yet?

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I made my own cigar boxes and engraved them. Does that count?
This is the only picture I can easily find…


Now that’s an idea I hadn’t thought of! I smoke cigars. I have one humidor that has a marble inlay for the top (and another chunk in the bottom for weight), and another that’s (I think) Zebra wood. Both lids are engravable now you mention it!


I have been thinking about this for quite a while. I even have the hinges and little magnets for closing the lid. I did a gift box for a friend using Proofgrade cherry. It was a simple one full box that fits over an inner box. I engraved his name on a split letter with a fancy font for the cover.

I have been working on a common ring size and cigar length design to engrave on the bottom of a box. Almost done with it.


Nice. Please share once its complete so we can see.

Lamar M. Ware

Darice makes unfinished “cigar boxes”, they are very inexpensive.

Darice 9180-06 Unfinished Cigar Box, 8.375"x8.125"x1.75"


Believe it our not. It’s been all finished except for the weeding. It’s a full sheet with lots of little stuff to weed. Need to just take the gorilla tape to it. Once I have it weeded, I’ll post the pic of the finished product and the design in the free laser designs.


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