Cigarette cases!

So I have a few family members that just won’t ever be quitting in this lifetime, so during the Christmas season I designed 2 different cigarette cases.

The quick pack: holds about 5-7 standard or short cigs and a standard size bic lighter. This one was made with some Baltic birch and engraved for the family vet.

For the family Steelers fan I made this one out of some proofgrade cherry. This one holds a full pack of regular size (tested with camels, not a sponsor)

And last but not least I made one last one for my coworker who’s leaving the company and we’re pretty close, also done with proofgrade cherry.

What do y’all think? Should I try to sell these?


Nice quality smoke boxes! I haven’t touched a cigarette in years but I can appreciate the need of others.


They’d probably sell. Good gifts, just steer clear of the copyrighted stuff (Steelers, etc)

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Yep, that was a family member’s gift so not selling that, the jeep I own commercial rights to sell.