Circle Coaster

Has anyone made circle acrylic coasters? what software did you use to make them to 4 inch size

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I have made them. I used Illustrator to make the circles.

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I used inkscape to create a circle :o: and adjust the size on glowforge

Best thing is to learn some of the basics of a design program like inkscape which is free but like all of them has a pretty steep learning curve. When i first started i watched many youtube tutorials till i got the basics down and now it is like second nature.

I’m going to move your post to the “everything else” section as the made on a glowforge one is for showing projects you have made.


4 Dia Circle

Right click and save. :slight_smile:


That’s soooo round :heart: :heart: :heart:


Not sure if for hot or cold items, but cold items tend to sweat and can form a bond to a light coaster.
I tried using glass coasters once. That concept got tossed rather fast when the coaster was bouncing around on the floor.

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I know, right?

Glowforge actual sells circles in their store so maybe taking money away from them?


I made a few and just engraved the entire surface, giving it a rough texture that resists the moisture bonding.


Hey @brianeasley92 - I’ve had a lot of success on CorelDraw for designs, but Inkscape is a free and good alternative if you aren’t going too crazy.

However, as @brokendrum mentions, it isn’t a great material if your cup/glass will be sweating. For non-sweaty drinks though, it’s great!


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