Circle Ruler/Template (0.2000in to 0.5545in)

Here’s a little ruler thing I made, with circles ranging from 0.2in to 0.545in diameter with 0.005in increments. Made it mostly to see what size cut so I can have dowels, findings, etc. would sit in the engrave or cut perfectly, because like a 1/4 in dowel actually may need a 0.255 or 0.265 inch diameter or something. You can also cut instead of etch if you are planning on pushing things through the material. Hope it’s helpful to y’all.

I included snapmarks because I used them + a jig to cut out of a piece of material with not enough slack for visual aligning. Feel free to ignore them.



That is nice, what material did you kerf compensate to?


It uploaded. It’s the little box above your “hmmm” line. You just have to change the size attributes in the insertion line. Probably something like 50x25 now…I just add a 0 to each number.


no kerf compensations at all

Okay, well you have the start of something cool but may I gently suggest that you read up on kerfs (lots of information here) and apply it? That would make this much more useful.

This is a way for me to see how circular findings fit into holes engraved by the Glowforge so I can just plug things in them until it fits and say “okay if I want to stick this specific brand of jewelry finding on to the back of draftboard / most other proofgrade woods it’ll fit snugly if I make a 0.435 inch diameter circle engrave in my file”, which is a lot faster than measuring with calipers and then doing math and making three test prints for each thing I want to stick into an engraved or cut slot.

If the goal was to actually create circles of those diameters then yeah I will definitely need to do kern compensation. Like idk subtract 0.006in or something from each diameter for proofgrade draftboard? I guess if someone really wanted that they can just take this file and edit it or something.


Thank you for sharing.


That’s how I looked at it. It doesn’t really matter what the real physical size is, just matters what I have to tell the software/GF it is so it fits. That’s a quick & easy thing without needing to mess around with messing around with the math & adjustments to make real physical measurement matches.


Thank you - simple but useful


Thanks a bunch! Great to have on hand for dowels. I’ll add it to my folder of practical solutions.


Many thanks for sharing! I’ll also be using mine as a dowel gauge - way better/quicker than using my verniers.


Thank you for sharing your work!



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I’ve been looking for something like this. Sorry if this is a silly question but can you explain the measurements and how I would plug these in Illustrator to get those diameters?

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You can right-click on the small image that will let you save it as an SVG file that you can just drop into the GFUI without ever using illustrator or another program.