Circle template

Ok, here’s the short story…

“Damn it, I need a circle template. I’m in my pj’s and don’t want to go to the store. I’ll make one!”

Fractions above the circles with MM equivalent below. Goes from 1/16" to 2".

PS - Just don’t put a voodoo curse on me when you weed it.

circle template


Thank you!


This brings back a bit of nostalgia. I’ll be cutting one but no promises on a voodoo curse or not. :slight_smile:


Oh handy! (No curses required.)


OMG!!! A few days ago, I spent over 2 hours looking for my flimsy cheap plastic circle template. I was pissed because I did not follow my own law in the house. “Use something return it back to its home.” Now a gift from the universe. Not the template. You are the gift from the universe. Thank you so very much. May 2020 bring much laughter, happiness, health and money to you.


Looks really useful, thanks!

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oh wow, thank you for sharing this! I’ve been meaning to draw up something similar but now I don’t need to, this is perfect.

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Love it! Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing something everyone can use.

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Thank You, will come in very handy

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