Circle the Wagons! We have movement!

Here is a update on the cardboard wagon. I’ll post another one in here tomorrow as it should have a working handle by then… It is pretty cool to see the ideas of the kiddos percolating with this process.


Wagon update. :+1:

what did you use for the axles to the wheels? Want to make a mini boxcar with cardboard but not sure on how to make wheels that roll.

Straws. Took a few attempts to learn how to glue right. The key was a dab of hot glue on the outside of the wheel where the straw poked out. The student in that video has a car he is creating right now. It is cool to see the wheels turning as he starts to master the design process.

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This is the tutorial I created for the students. I give them the basics and then challenge them to make it bigger, better, and bolder. =)


No lesson… just a student working through the process and his ride is close to moving. =)

Fun on all levels, but the problem solving as he builds it is priceless.

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