Circus-Themed Acrylic Cake Toppers

My kids study circus and my daughter, in particular, loves aerials and acro. We had “The Greatest Showman” themed party, so I made some circus cake toppers. I shared the wood cut-out I did a few weeks ago. I also made colorful leather bracelets with song titles from the movie for party favors. I don’t have any pictures of those right now.

The three-ring circus selection (one of the girls is gluten-free so I put the third topper on the cookie cake they brought with them):

I used pink mirror acrylic for the words and I hope to never work with I it again! I used some recommended settings on here, I think full power and 475 speed, and it took three passes and some of the parts still didn’t fully cut out (I had to use an xacto knife). I had removed the plastic coating and added masking to both sides instead. Not sure if that impacted things, but it just didn’t want to cut through (I cut from the back).

The other acrylic is glitter black. I used PG medium black acrylic settings and once again removed the plastic and used masking on both sides. There were a few places where it needed some encouragement to come apart, but it was better than the pink. Some of the parts turned white, though, which I’m assuming is an overheating problem. I’d definitely have to play with settings if I did it again, but I’m in a makerspace, so I only have so much time to mess around. I barely finished these in the time I had.


Fantastic! (And the straw thing is really clever!) :grinning:


Very Cool…!


I’m sure the kids loved them, they look great.

I wish I had studied circus - although it feels like I work in one some days :roll_eyes:


Amazing! The possibilities for personalization are endless.


Talk about topping the cake! Very nice. Sorry to hear the mirrored acrylic was such a pain … That is very sad. Really nice job.

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Thanks. It LOOKED lovely at least!

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Hah. There’s always time to study circus. :wink:

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Great theme for a party. I too have studied circus. History is much more exciting through the circus lens than the political one. In 1907 Ringling Brothers Circus merged with Barnum and Bailey to become the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Also in that year and on this day, " Jun 15 The 2nd Hague Peace Conference meets in an attempt to stop the arms race; Germany resists, but conference does make important rules around the rights of neutral powers." The latter sentence almost puts me to sleep and would if it were any longer.

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:rofl: What circus arts have you studied?

Just the history. I wanted to join the circus when I was young, but without supervision I almost killed myself. Now 75 is a little old to get into the physical aspects of performance. For years I was a docent at the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL. After the Art Museum, the Circus Museum was my favorite venue.


Oh, someone just recommended a visit there. I would love to, but we never find ourselves in Sarasota or anywhere nearby (we’re in MA).

When my kids were studying flying trapeze, there was a man who was 75 who was doing some flying. Not sure I could imagine that for myself, but good for him. You could always take up juggling and clowning. Low impact!

It’s definitely worth a visit. I still enjoy going there.

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