City Roads - Easy Maps of Places

Here is a resource for those making simple maps of places.

  1. Type in the city.
  2. Click Customize
  3. Change colors if you’d like
  4. Click export “as a vector” to download a SVG

Super simple and useful! runs on openstreetmap so its fairly accurate. Credit goes to Anvaka



Great link share - thanks!

very cool. i tested a couple of local cities. they come out great when you download. only negative is that if i download two cities next to each other, i can’t easily marry them because the scale isn’t consistent. but the linework is great.

Thank you!

So far, I have not been able to get any results. Tried 4 different cities. Must be me.

Now might be the time to refresh people’s memories: you can export SVGs from openstreetmap.

It’s not as simple as this little widget in the OP by any stretch, but it does allow you to do some really impressive mapping projects.

Go to:

search where you want to map…

Then (while in the standard view mode) click “share” on the right side. You can export it as SVG. Then it’s just a matter [in Inkscape, anyway] of using “select same…” to isolate what parts of the map you want.

I was able to whip this up in just a couple minutes.

map (1)

Those are all paths, I could score it or convert it to outlines and preserve the thicknesses with a proper engrave.

Power move: color code the various thicknesses and score everything but at varying degrees of incorrect focus to get thicker lines. Should be faster than engraving by quite a bit while still preserving some of the line thickness data.


Did exactly this for a recent project. Came out great!

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