Classic movie poster source

No idea on the rights to these images sonif you plan to do anything other that good with them I’d suggest reading the rights pages carefully… buuut:

I chose one at randomish and did this:

With a sharper light angle, more detail emerges…

I may have pushed the size a bit small, there’s some barely illegible text here:


and here… (sorry about the rotation, in a hurry.)


Beware that lots of these posters are pretty inappropriate by today’s standards. Kiss me Kate poster in particular, Oof.

Original image of the one I did, chosen largely because it had a simple-ish layout and a clear subject that has decent contrast from its background, which works well for engraves in the 6" or smaller category:

Edit to the edit to the edit: I went “up” a level on that site, and wow their other collections are also great. The circus posters are really cool, lots of ephemera there.


Good job. How much editing before engrave?

Not much, pretty standard workflow…

GIMP: Convert to BW, curve to set contrast and black to white points the way I wanted it, rotate 90 degrees to make the engrave time somewhat shorter, export to png.

Inkscape: Import png, set scale the way I wanted it, draw cut rectangle around image. Save to svg.

UI: Import SVG. Set engrave settings to 700/70 (birch ply), default LPI, convert greys to power. Cut 220/full (pro). GO!