Classroom Projects

Here are a few projects that students have worked on this year using Adobe Illustrator and the Glowforge.

-Creating fingerjoint boxes for candles
-Puzzle/Coasters with personal logos
-Travel Cribbage Board
-Student athlete awards for secondary school

I ordered some lighting materials for next year with hopes of students designing pendant lamps using Autodesk Slicer.

Are any of you teachers? What projects have been successful in your classes with students?


Scarily clever kids! :smile:

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so exciting!

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Wow to that cribbage board!


Looks like your students knocked these projects out of the park! Looking forward some fantastic pendant lamps next year.

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Some great projects … Such wonderful fun for them … And an incredible opportunity!

I would love to know where the cribbage board idea came from. That’s genuis!

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The inspiration for this project is available on Amazon.

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These are the kids that will lead us into the future.

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small step in classroom but they enjoyed adding letting from the glow forge

to their painting.


Can you tell me how you were able to set up your Glowforge at school, connect to wi-fi, and access the cloud? Through or around your server?