Classy Cocktail Smoker

I made the Classy Cocktail Smoker from the catalog recently and finally tried it out this evening.

Worked pretty well, imparting a nice oak essence to this Manhattan on the rocks. Only challenge were the smoking chips used. They were small enough that some fell through the screen and into my drink. Easily solved by using larger chips or even (100% wood) pellets.


Very nice. What did you use for the wire mesh holder? Plywood?

All layers are PG hardwood - didn’t want to use plywood or mdf due to the adhesives / bonding agents.

Just ordered some 1.25" stainless steel smoker screens to lay in the bottom – much finer than the suggested drain screen, so should keep chips & ash out of the drink.


That sounds good. So 3 Ayer’s thick I’m guessing. You could get some cherry and hickory and shave chips off them. Lots of chips for little money


I’ve thought about using one of these to smoke salt, or cheese…or anything else small I can fit in a cup. I did try hot tea, and found out quickly something steaming won’t work at all, as the steam just kicks the smoke out of the glass. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how good these work, and how much smoke you can still taste, even when there’s no smoke left. We want to try cold tea next, and other random drinks, we might stumble onto something amazing!

Yours looks good, thanks for sharing! I never thought about a smoker screen, good idea.




Finally watched @tobyschachman’s excellent Cuttle tutorial on parametric box design and am thinking about making a customizable version the allows for different diameter glasses, screen diameters, and height above fluid level. :thinking:

I’d never compete with another Catalog designer, but this seems like a great use case and learning opportunity on a private level.


I am that GF designer (who designed this one) Go for it! :blush:
I thought about glass size, and height issues, as this design dips into the glass…you can only have it so full. But, you can add the smoke before you pour the drink if your glass is short…or you want more liquid.

I love cuttle! I’m still learning it too, and what I have learned has helped me with designing certain things, that my other outdated program struggles with. The video tutorials are great, and Toby is so quick to help!


Or just by drinking more, after a while you won’t care! :smiley:


My thought exactly