Cleaning caked on grime

Hey everyone! thanks for all the support you have given me as I learn to laser, I appreciate all the replies.
(using pro if that maters)
Today i’m here because I recently used some wood that probably had more glue in it than needed, or some other material that gunked up my system. I went through a days worth of printing and the system shut down possibly to an overheat. I have an additional exhaust fan on the line on the way out so its not backing up or blocked.

I started to try and clean like normal but everything feels like glue residue stuck to every surface. I’ve gone through several rolls of paper towels and q-tips on all the reachable surfaces and am still finding more grime each time i wipe. I’m concerned I can’t reach all the components on the left half of the machine, there looks to be a few boards and a heat sync over there that I’m weary about using any cleaner on directly. Canned air and suction don’t seem to do much to move any of it either. Whats the best way to tackle grime like this? How important is it that I get after the components in the left housing? the right side seems to be clear due to the air flow direction.

Thank you!

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In my opinion, you should leave them alone. You are far more likely to damage something than for debris to cause an issue. We have seen some pics of machines where the circuit boards are almost hidden by all the debris.

Overheat is strictly a coolant temperature issue. Debris would not have an impact (except perhaps not letting the tube radiate a little heat.)

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I would be more concerned at this point with the head fan behind the head. If that is slowed down both heat and flames are more likely.


I have seen circuit boards in computers that have shorted out due to dust and dirt, so if you are really concerned about the circuit boards there are cleaners you use to clean them including alcohol. I use Electra XL to clean computer circuit boards when I repair computers, it’s pricy but it works just follow the directions. I clean the board then let air dry for 15 minutes to make sure it’s dry even though it dries fast just like alcohol and leaves no residue.

Again, if your machine is under warranty it may void your warranty so contact GF and ask before using.

This question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

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