Cleaning Glowforge

I clean my glowforge regularly after every few big projects I do as per video and instructions. I have only had it a couple months -
However, I am wondering if anyone ever used Canned/compressed air to clean the back areas? and crevices that aren’t easily reached without taking parts off. Or if that would cause an issue with the machine? I am hesitant to try it so I felt I would make my first post asking this question to see if anyone else knows the answer! TIA

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I’ve cleaned mine perhaps 6 times since I got it in 2017. I clean the optics with a new Zeis wipe, then wipe down the rails. Done.

Oh, I’ve cleaned the inside of the lid with a window-cleaner dampened rag a couple of times as well.


I regular used canned air for bits I can’t reach and especially the two mini fans - they get a blast every day.

I’m not sure how good they’ll be at getting the stuff out of the hard places like behind the tube and the like.

My first machine I rarely cleaned the actual whole thing, 'cos it’s a tool and tools get dirty. My second machine looked so bright and shiny when it arrived I now clean it more often.

Tip; putting some masking tape on the front doors - 'cos they are really hard to clean.

Tip 2: Try and keep your crumb tray clean(ish) I haven’t and now it’s a right state and I suspect is leaving marks on my materials.

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Thanks! Yes I use the wipes on the lenses - I was just worried I wasnt cleaning it enough as I notice the smaller back areas are pretty dirty and the belts so I wanted to see if there was a way to easily reach those portions. But if you hardly clean yours I feel more comfortable. I am in canada so I paid twice the amount for my machine and then was hit with another 1.5k in border fees so I am just trying to take real good care of it :joy:

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Appreciate the tips! I think I just have a hard time letting the shine go away :tipping_hand_woman:


It depends a lot on what you are cutting. Much of the smoke is a sticky sludge that will hold all the larger bits even in very high winds. There are a few splvents discussed with Novec the one approved by the company, though I find the price and safety warnings in a closed area to be a deal killer as I cannot get the equipment outside. I have used hand sanitizer while the Glowforge was off and left the vacuum cleaner or external fan running for hours to be sure all is evaporated before turning the Glowforge on again.

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Hello!! I was wondering where the video is located that you mentioned? Thanks!

Hey there! the quick overview of cleaning is what I was referring to, It is on one of the beyond the forge forums - youtube is a great source for information

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