Cleaning Service?

Has anyone looked into/used outside companies to clean their glowforge? Id like to have a specialist do a complete overhaul/deep clean on my machine.

For an overhaul it will most likely need to go back to GF but I am not sure they offer that type of service other than repairs. For “deep” cleaning as a newbie owner of a pre owned unit I am looking into getting a Datavac. You can use the recommended Zeiss lens cleaners. Although I use a different brand. And I also use a brush that is intended for camera lens to gently brush the dust off the lens prior to wiping with the pre moisten wipes. My thoughts are that if you just start rubbing the lens even with a safe wipe that there is still dust on it that can scratched and damage the lens. If you do tile or glass there is still some tiny particles left in your machine and I would assume on your lens.

Keeping it covered when not in use and using Anti static wipes to keep the out side case and lid wiped down as needed. I have included links to everything below. These are just my ways so if a seasoned owner has any corrections or add on ideas please feel free to help the rest of us out.


I agree. I use a squirt bottle with alcohol and will spray optics with a stream before any physical contact. Same reason I don’t use any of the spray on / wipe off waterless car wash products. I think dust has an average hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, that’s equivalent to quartz.


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