Cleaning the Air Intake Screen Under The Glowforge Pro

I have a new cleaning recommendation.

I have had my Glowforge Pro for 8 months and I do a full clean on my Glowforge every 20 hours.

Last week when I was doing a full clean I thought about the air intake screen under the right side of the GF.

My husband took a picture of the screen to show me how much dust had accumulated in the holes. Wow just wow—- there was a lot of dust plugging up the holes. He took a vacuum and cleaned it.

It is a very easy clean. Push your GF to the edge of the table and look underneath to view the air intake screen.

The air intake screen is very near the right side of the GF.

Personally I do not think dust plugging up the holes is good thing.


Good thought…thanks. Can’t hurt!


I have never cleaned mine. Thank you for pointing it out. :smiley:


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