Cleaning Tool


found a great tool that does a nice job of removing build up on the fans/exhaust




Awesome! I’ve got a set of those for kitchen use, never thought to use them on the fan! (Think I’ll buy a dedicated set though just for sanitary reasons.) :wink:


That would be useful for all sorts of things. Thanks for the link!


And there is still more I’m fishing out


Just vac’d mine out the other day…I’m definitely going to hit it with a brush first next time. I think a lot of stuff is still stuck on it from that incident with the flaming mask.


You know what they say about flaming masks…


I think that’s going to give me nightmares. :crazy_face:


But everyone loves Jim Carrey in the Mask. And, it’s Carmen Diaz’s break out role!


I hate to draw the ire of the masses, but I have to confess to not being much of a Jim Carrey (or Jerry Lewis) fan. They’ve always just seemed goofy.

(I know, I know…grab the pitchforks and tar…) :smile:


No…a lot of the work is goofy. Very physical style humor. Dumb and dumber, Ace ventura; very crazy characters. The Mask had it, but was offset by Jim’s character being a normal person. The Mask was postulated to be the Mask of Loki and brought out a person’s inner desires in a goofy way, being a trickster god and all that. Liar liar was like that too. A normal guy who had something a bit crazy happen to him. The Truman Show was another good one for that. Mr Poppers Penguins…let’s move on from that one…


Great find … Thank you!


Well if that image doesn’t make ya quit smoking…


I just got these in the mail last night, I am going to be cleaning my machine soon. Thanks