Cleaning video from Youtube

So I have been using my GF pretty regularly, and am starting to get comfortable with it. With the most recent use I noticed that the laser did not cut like it used to, prompting me to clean the laser mirror and lenses for the first time. I have been using mostly acrylic and it really caked onto the lenses, needing a nice cleaning.

This also prompted me to look into how to “deep clean” the GF. Now I have found plenty videos that show more of a “surface cleaning,” but only very few showing how to really clean the components. However, I did come across one video in particular that seems promising, but it makes me nervous at the same time.

Now for my question, if ya’ll know the video, or watch it from the attached link, is this the “best” way to clean it. Is it safe to remove the parts as shown, or are there better videos? If ya’ll have suggestions on what to, and not to, do please do not hesitate to let me know.

Glowforge Deep Cleaning Tips Exhaust and Air Assist - YouTube

Don’t do it. Deep cleaning is just a way to cause issues with your machine.

Clean your optics. Clean your fan. Leave everything else alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “it was fine before I did a deep cleaning…”


The method described in this video begins with instructions to move the Glowforge outdoors. Clearly, the user did not follow the first instruction. I don’t know of many users who have performed this fan cleaning program, but I know of plenty of instances when people set out to deep clean their machine and ended up with trouble. I suggest you clean the fans and optics as described on the Glowforge support page. Nothing more.


I have to go with the other Evans and my 40 years in electronics and strongly suggest only cleaning what needs cleaning.


I agree also with not cleaning anything other than what official Glowforge support says to clean.


Yeah, and then they sprayed some random contact cleaner in it. This video is just full of not following directions and giving bad advice.

It’s no wonder people short out their ribbon cables. Someone in the comments was talking about spraying down the LED strips with vinegar after every use.


All solid advice. I would emphasize cleaning the optics is paramount. The two windows, the mirror, and the lens. Allowing a buildup of film on them is a quick way to damage them. The fans will need attention periodically - but watch the optics.


Ditto…clean only that which is needed!!!


With the choir on this one. Just looking at how bad the mirror was I am amazed he could cut anything at all. I lost my first machine trying to do as he did with the fan exhaust. He did not use what was recommended, but in either way the fumes are a horror.

A much better system if you do not take it outside is here…

As for the rest that dusting brush on the end of a vacuum cleaner hose, can be amazing, and while he just uses the word “alcohol” real horror and good are both included in the word. I use regular branded hand sanitizer for things like the lid and being careful not to go over the camera stuff except to use a Zeiss wipe on the lens itself. There have been a lot of “deep cleanings” that suddenly the various problems that can occur around the connections to the camera suddenly happen.


Thank ya’ll for all the replies. Actually, very glad I checked first before just going for it. Probably saved me a major headache and money in repairs.


Good for you for waiting. I clean my optics about once a week; I take out the tray and brush out the debris from the inside of the GF after lots of cutting. Other than that, I leave it alone.