Clear engraving

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if its possible to have a clear engraving (as opposed to matte) on the clear acrylic sheets that are provided with the glowforege (or any clear acrylic sheet). i want to be able to see through the engraving. is it possible? what sort of settings would i need to have? Thanks so much!


You can float a little solvent in the engraves and it smooths them out making them clear. (Check with @mpipes for the technique, he pioneered it.)

(But you aren’t going to be able to see the engrave from any distance if you do that…it’s going to pretty much disappear.)

I think that extruded acrylic has less of a white appearance when it’s engraved too, but I’m not that familiar with it so you might want to run a test or two…or wait until someone chimes in who knows. :slightly_smiling_face:


Correct. Very little whitening.


Why not just invert the image and engrave everything but the clear parts you want?


inverted or no, the engraved part will still have a matte finish, i want to see if i can avoid that ^^

I was thinking, if it is a vector graphic, you could use the “score” option, which would just give you a line around the engraved areas.

Or, cut the design out of two different colors of acrylic and put the cut out pieces of one color into the other, then glue them in.

score hmm? i’ve never tried scoring - do you know if it leaves a matte, or clear finish?

My point was that if you have clear acrylic and engrave everything but the part you want clear now you have frosted acrylic with clear windows where you left it untouched.

Unless you want clear on clear and just to have a recess that is also clear in which case Jules advice was spot on.


Scoring is the same as cutting, just not as deep (not all the way through the material.)