Clear face mask

This is my first post, sorry if I miss some rules.

I made some face masks for the health care workers in my Area.
After seeing so many face masks made in a 3d printers I tried it out and it took 6 hours!
So I designed something similar to cut in the Glowforge and it took 3:45 minutes, So I started the production and made 80 in a day. Gave them to some doctors to test them and will make more if they would need them

I used MDF because SARS-COV2 remains viable longer on Plastic (acrylic) and steel than on cardboard, and MDF with all those resins is probably even more harmful to the virus.

I assembled it with an elastic strap doesn’t even need a knot, legal size clear plastic and an EVA strip for the forehead.

It is really cheap and I can make them really fast.

face mask support.pdf (8.2 KB)


That is a great design!


Thank you for sharing this. Can I ask what you mean by legal size plastic? Or can you share a link to where you purchased? I work in a hospital laboratory & am one of the people running the COVID-19 rapid tests for patients. We are in need of these. I’m hoping I can make some of these for my shift to try out.

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In the US, “legal” is a paper size 3" longer than standard “letter”. It’s 216 × 356mm (vs. 216 x 279mm). There is no international equivalent, but standard A4-sized would be close.


I originally designed it for A4 size but then found out I only had Legal size. Both should work fine.

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Welcome to the community!
Excellent work and outstanding first post! Your contribution to the healthcare effort will be put to good use. :+1:

Sorry. I guess I wasn’t clear. I should clarify if there was a particular kind of plastic that was used lol.



Very generous of you to share your design!

Looks great, would you mind sharing the type of legal size (link?) of plastic you’re using?

Anything transparent works fine. The slot in the mdf can handle paper thin to 1mm thick.
I used what I had around.
Availability of certain materials is bad here in Bolivia.

Size A4, letter or legal should work fine. Or even laser cut I you have larger sheets. And you can give it rounded lower edges.