Clear instructions/suggestions with steps for glass bottle engraving


Can someone direct me to a link where I can find clear instructions/suggestions with steps for glass bottle engraving? I would like to add names to small square 2 inch bottles but I see along of photos and very high level discussion on finished products. A few of my questions are listed below.

What are some settings to engrave on side of bottle for word and images?

Once I remove the crumb tray do I add cardboard or something else to the bottom so that the laser doesn’t reflect back?

Do I need to put tape or any other substance on the bottle where I want to engrave?

Best settings for high resolution?

Thank you in advance.

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Your going to have to test, but start with these:

No - the surface of the :glowforge: won’t hurt the :glowforge: - you will want to put cardboard or something to support your bottle so it doesn’t roll away.

You want to use either masking or dish soap - this will help the glass not crack where you don’t want it to.

See above

Good luck! Post your results cuz we’d love to see them.


Hello. These topics are covered many times in the forum. Just type in ‘engraving on glass’ and ‘engraving without the crumb tray’ in the search bar…I think you’ll find lots of great information. Be sure to post your results so we can all see.


Well this was funny. Almost identical answers at the exact same time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also since you’re new you might like this:

We were all new once, the best trick is to read lots of the forum :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the quick response. I am going to try these today then post final results over the weekend. This is very helpful.