Clear Plastic Clipboard


So, I’m in the Navy and I’m currently working on my IDW pin. For the civilians reading this it’s a “Information Dominance Warfare” pin. It denotes I have in-depth knowledge of the cyber warfare field. Anyway, I’ve gen’d up this clipboard using 1000/30/225. Would you have used different settings or done anything different? TIA!


I’d say it’s pretty near perfect already!


Turned out fine! :grinning:
(If that’s acrylic, you could have gone up to Full Power with it at that speed to get a deeper engrave, but it looks fine like it is.)


I bought it at Walmart. I have no idea what it’s made of. :confused:


It’s probably acrylic. :slightly_smiling_face:

(But just to be on the safe side, and avoid the possibility of damage from chlorine gas being released while burning the plastic, in the future, you might want to make sure to test unknown plastics before lasering.)

Some plastics are killers. There are a couple of tests you can run to reduce (but not eliminate) risk. Check out the writeups on lines 29-32 in the matrix below.


Let me know any particular settings you find on the EIDWS engrave. I’m on Corry Station and I have a bunch of those I need to make in a variety of woods/plastic/leather/etc… Thanks.


I’m on Corry too. Compound 3.


Yep…I’m the Director of Navy COOL program. Bldg 502 room 104e. Drop by some time and we can chat on what we’ve burned so far. I’ve done a lot of test prints for the XO lately. I’m in San Diego this week.

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