Clicking wrong

Usually when I start up my glow Forge after the exhaust fan stops it does three low and three high clicks as it is focusing . I cleaned my glow Forge today and when I reassembled it I noticed that one of my hold down magnets were stuck to the bottom of the circuitboard connected to the laser head. When I turned the glow Forge back on the laser now clicks once high and twice low, and is now stuck in focusing. Any ideas?!

Can’t remember the pattern of clicks right now but I commented in the forum a couple days ago about how the focusing click pattern has changed very recently. I know that the series of quick clicks at the end of the pattern is gone. So maybe there is nothing wrong. Might be something unrelated.


It seems like it’s out of sequence which is leading to the focus issues. I’ve checked all cables and the are all fine and my white cable snaps into place as it should. The laser just keeps clicking as it won’t focus.

Hello @sk854016 - I’m sorry to hear about your focusing trouble. I’ve just sent a response and some troubleshooting steps to you via your email request - please take a look and see if that helps! To keep communications tidy I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, and we can finish things up in email.