Client gift

This is the “test/practice” board of a cutting board that I will be making for one of my buyer clients. It’s the first thing I’ve made on my GF+. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, although I may make a couple of other adjustments before the final! (Address has been blacked out.)


Nice! It looks like you scored rather than engraving, which would make it run a lot faster. That’s an elegant typeface.


Thank you! I did use scoring. I tried engraving first, but it was so incredibly light, I couldn’t see anything. So I went back over it. Obviously my parameters were wrong. I’m super new to this, so it will take some playing around.


Nice first work!

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Beautifully placed! and I’ll echo the comment on the score - that looks really nice!

You commented on your first engrave being too light - that’s one of the things about bamboo; because it’s grass you can have very different reactions right next to each other. In the future if you think an engrave is too light just close the lid and hit go again - what you see on the screen may look off but if you haven’t touched anything it’ll go over the exact same area again.


I think scoring is the answer anyway. That would have taken a very long time to engrave.
Very nice looking artwork.


Looks classy … I think they’ll live it!

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