Clipboards for Judges of Nascrag event at this years Gen-con

I have been working on some clipboards to give to the judges who volunteer a great deal of time to work on the Nascrag event at Gen Con each year. The “judge” on the clipboard is a kobald (a blue lizard like being) from D&D. He is the mascot for the Nascrag event. His name is Toby, and he appears somewhere in every event.


Heh heh. Those should be popular!

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looks good. When I do clipboards I like to put the image on the backside so it shows when it’s hanging or when it’s being used otherwise the image gets hidden under the pad of paper.

I either drop it face down on a stack of spacers (1/4 & 1/8" plywood squares) with the clip handing over the edge so the board is flat or I make my own out of Draftfboard or tempered MDF (you can get clips & rivets from Amazon). I shoot it with a couple of coats of shellac to protect the engrave when I’m done.

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Cool Lizzy! :lizard:

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