Clips for box fans and air filters

With the varying air quality over the past 2 years in the PNW one of the suggestion was to combine a 20" box fan with a high quality AC filter (MERV 13) to help reduce particulates in the home. Last year we went low tech with zip ties. This year I created this pretty simple clip. Hope this helps for those that can use it. BoxFanFilterHolder

This is a link to a UW professor showing how to do the same with duct tape -

As requested below here are some pictures, the filter can go in the front or the back, not sure if one is better than the other and may be dependent on where the switch is at. This first image shows the arrow on the filter indicating the direction of the airflow:

Below are front and side views:


Great idea…makes sense. Thanks for the share!

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Sounds like a good idea to hang in a shop where there is a lot of sawdust etc. that can hang in the air, but the stuff sold for room ACs that you could wash out and re-use that is sold in most grocery stores might do a better job in the shop.

Looking at the carbon monoxide levels up to 100 miles downwind of some of the fires seems worse than the smoke :grimacing:

That is cool! Do you have a picture as an example of use? (Some people are adverse to links.)

Sorry, this is my first post with content, so thanks for the suggestion!

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