Closed-Cell Foam Cut Settings?

I’ve just received my GF Pro, did a test project and now I’m ready to get started on something much bigger. 6.5’ to be exact.

I’m building a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k, to be worn as a cosplay at DragonCon in Atlanta later in this year. I’m going to be constructing the armor out of 1/4" closed-cell foam, and I’m trying to get some ballpark settings to put in before I get the actual material and start experimenting, so hopefully I’ll have as little waste as possible.

I’ve seen some posts covring foamboard, and posts talking in abstract about people cutting foam, but nothing direct about settings.

Anyone have any suggestions?


The type of closed cell foam and density matters quite a bit. If you are using EVA foam, there are several posts on the topic that give a starting point, but you’ll want to test on your own material. I think searching for EVA might do the trick.


Here’s one:


Thanks for grabbing that. I’ll report back on this topic once I get my foam in and dial in some settings

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@takitus seems to be your go-to bloke for this sort of build.

He has done a few things of this nature

@the.airsmithy did you ever find anything on closed cell foam?
Brand that works and settings.


Not yet, I haven’t picked up any foam yet, other things taking priority right now.

I’ll update this thread as soon as I get some results.