Closed paths

I have a shark and some water bubbles that I’m trying to engrave😀. I’m doing it in lightburn, I want the bubbles to be engraved at a different setting, when I make the entire image one layer and bring to my glowforge it will engrave just fine. But when I make the image 2 layers it will bring up a closed paths error, saying that a shape is not closed.
I am not getting the error in lightburn.

It’s not layers in Glowforge, it’s colors. Make the two parts different fill colors and you’ll be all set.

Bonus info: you can set the order with colors too. The steps are listed in ascending hex code order. For more info, check this out — it’s inkscape focused but the info is useful for any software.


Oh also: the closed paths thing.

That’s a different problem. It means what it says, your paths aren’t closed shapes. You can solve that a few ways, manually closing the paths is the “right” way, but that can be tricky to track down if the image is large and complex with lots of tiny bubble shapes.

Alternately (and much more simply) you can also convert your whole image to a raster format such as jpeg or png and engrave it that way.

In order to get the result you want there you’d make the image greyscale and use 3d engrave or vary power setting, the whole thing will engrave in one step but the lighter areas will get less laser power.

Make sense?


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