Closet Storage Boxes

My front entrance closet has a shelf above all the coats, and it’s always a disaster. There’s bike helmets and scarves and gloves and umbrellas and I can never find what I’m after. I cleaned it out last weekend and found little winter hats that haven’t fit my daughter in years. So I decided to do something about it:

This is a box that’s exactly half the height of the space above the shelf, so I can stack these two high. I’m going to make one for each of us for bike stuff, and one for winter stuff, and then in the winter I can take all the bike boxes out and stash them in the guest room closet:

I stole a trick from a post I found on reddit and used a 1/4" roundover bit in my router table to finish all the corners:

Had some problems with tearout on the face that was vertical to the router bit. I tried some masking tape which helped, but still wasn’t perfect.

This is all 6mm baltic birch, except the bottom which is two sheets of 3mm glued together. I find the 3mm cuts really nicely on the GF, but I have yet to find settings for the 6mm that don’t char the edges too much. This is also a slightly annoying thing to build on the GF as these panels are all sized such that I can’t cut two of them at the same time from the same sheet, so I cut up a larger sheet of BB into smaller sheets, each only slightly larger than a single panel, and then cut those out.


Nice rounding!

This has been an issue for me as well. My best results from the 6mm stuff had been two passes, with the first set at the actual material height, and the second pass at the 3mm height.


Nice organizational solution! :grinning:

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I’ve been meaning to give that a try - so far I’ve never messed with the focus height for multiple passes. I know what I’m doing when I get home tonight. :wink:


its a little awkward, as the software doesn’t allow for adjusted settings on additional passes. If I were setting up a file that I knew was going to need this, I might put a double copy of the thing to be cut, in different colors, so that I could just specify two separate passes at different heights. As it is, I generally just run the first pass, change settings, and then run a second pass manually, instead of telling it to run multiple passes in one go.

also, the more layers of ply, the more chances for inclusions and voids. :tired_face:


Wow … Great idea … Also looks great!

Will have to try the rounding on the router!