Closing gift

I had a local realtor ask for a closing gift for his client. Anyone have any good ideas?

That’s awfully broad.

I could suggest a cutout circle that says tuit on it, or something elaborate like a mechanical clock. You really gotta narrow it down :wink:


My realtor left a bottle of wine with a cheap printed label on it, just glued over the manufacturers label. The wine is equally cheap.

My idea is - you could make a really nice engraved label out of veneer. Spend 5 minutes removing the stock labels and cleaning up the bottle. Suggest making it at least a half-decent product. Possibly even champagne? They could leave it in the fridge for the new owners to find?

Mine has a picture of my house on it. Even though it’s old and crap, I still have the bottle (unopened.)


Cool house numbers to put on the front of their new house? A sign with their last name on it, or just a “welcome” sign for their porch?


A photo engraving of the new house - either on wood or on a tile with paint / markers coloring it. Suggest converting to Black & White first, and optimizing as others have done. Realtor should be able to provide a good picture from the listing.

As an alternaitve, a custom keytag with the Zip Code of the new house (but not the address).


I do a ton of Cutting Boards with the address and established date on them for the realtors in my office.


I like the cutting board idea. Or a large tile engraved - instant trivet. The tile could be stone, it doesn’t have to be ceramic and colored. Otherwise something with an embedded magnet that sticks to the fridge or dishwasher, this assumes magnets will stick - not a sure thing with modern appliances.


I’ve worked up a design for my Daughter and her Bo who are realtors. She requested a cutting board for her clients.


Slate coasters. Cutting boards are always nice.

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