Club America Futbol

There’s a maintenance guy who has worked at our property for the last 26 years. He’s from Mexico and is an avid fan of the Club América Fútbol club. He’s seen some of the other things I have made for my coworkers and one day he asked if I could make a plaque of his favorite team. He said it would be really neat if it said “Chapion” across the top and if there were 12 stars representing their wins. Since the piece of wood he chose has a 14" diameter, it had to be engraved in three separate sections. It took a lot of effort, quite a few failed attempts and a custom jig; but it turned out pretty good. Although I think it would look much better after wiping off the burn shadow, he prefers to keep it.


Looks great! :smiley:


Really nice … Kind of you to do it for him!

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What a cool thing to do for him! I love making things for folks at work.

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Came out great! I’ll bet he was thrilled.

We’ll find out soon, he’s going to pick it up today!

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My friend informed me today that his team won another championship on Sunday… so now there should be 13 stars!

Time to bust those files back out and fit number 13 in there somewhere. :slight_smile: