Club Sign


Engraved in .20 cast acrylic, medium walnut plywood back with .06 inch black acrylic inlay, 1 inch LED standoffs.

I loved making this! Had the idea, getting thrilled about working out he logistics, the format, the problem solving, piecing it together and then handing it off. This wasn’t a commissioned piece. I won’t start trying to do that until I become more proficient. But this was just damned fun!


Excellent results too! (That’s one cool cat!) :grinning:


Stellar result!


Looks like you past the proficiency test.


That looks great! Where did you get the led standoffs?


Looks really cool.
What settings did you use to get the nice white engraving? Or did you paint it afterwards?
With my acrylic engraving you always see a lot of lines.


That’s the cats dog bits! Me too on the ‘how do you get the nice white engrave’ as I’ve not achieved that yet.


Displays2Go has them.


It’s cast acrylic from Tap Plastic. I engraved the image reversed so flipped around it’s facing forward on a smooth surface. Speed: 1k Power: 100 and Vary Power (not dots or lines). Less lines with Vary Power.

Also, to be sure the laser wasn’t “ghosting” outside the engraving area, I left the protective sheet on and had the painstaking task of peeling the tiny bits off when it was done.


Thanks for the standoff link - I need to get some of those. What I found really helps with removing masking from engraved acrylic is soaking in warm water with a little dish soap after the engraving. Assuming your masking is paper based, I guess. I just let it soak for 30 minutes or so and all the masking comes off with a very gentle rub under running water. I’ve made quite a few edge lit acrylic signs with the wordart generator and this method has really saved me a ton of time.


Those standoffs just really add a classy touch. Nice job!