CMYK Coasters


Weekly Highlights for January 8th-14th

That is sweeeet! :grin:


My gf sent this to me this morning! pretty awesome!


i’ve been wondering for a while if we can do something similar in RGB with three rows of edge-lit acrylic


That is kind of what I attempted with my Star Trek console project. It did not work out as well as I wanted, but I still think it’s a great idea.




I want 10! Nice! Your work @JeremyNielsen?


woah woah woah. You’re not allowed to just straight up do magic here are you?!


Haha, I wish. I saw it on Imgur but the site was acting up so I wasn’t able to link it.


Friggin brilliant


Oh man if i can get the proper colored acrylic i would so do this


That’s pretty sweet. I’ll put that in the hopper… lol


Rad! As a print designer, I can really appreciate this! Thanks for sharing


Very cool! Has anyone gone looking for CMYK transparent acrylic to recreate this project?


It would be neat to play around with.

Is my thinking correct that this would be more appropriate for a dye-sub printer - or printing color separations to a clear film and then adhering to a coaster?

For a laser project, I guess you’d have to cut out the particular sections of the acrylic to create the additive color effect.

Fwiw - color separations are easy enough to do in Illustrator to at least get the file set up correctly.