CNC 3D engrave - plus diode laser

This little machine looks very capable for the price.

Edit; Bad link

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I get a 404 on the other end

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Try this…


Hmmm… interesting. @printolaser are you planning on picking it up? And if you do, please tell us what you think.

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Almost brave enough, but budget is blown for toys. Christmas sucked up disposable income - and then some.


It’s certainly neat, although I suspect you’d run into size issues pretty quickly. That kind of power would be good for doing slow wood engraving or paper art, I’d just want it on a much bigger XY box.


Yes, I would expect an immediate desire for more real estate.


This is the kind of thing I would want on the Expansion port of the Glowforge!
A little diode laser to mark metals. And possibly a router. I would imagine that you would need a vacuum shroud around the router to capture the dust, but it could be doable.


That does look sweet, but yeah, the size.

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Need to buy some big boy tools to finish up my wood shop or else id seriously consider this.

Thanks for the link!

I think there is one on amazon for 100 or less that is twice the power

Engraver Printer , COLEMETER 1000mW USB DIY Engraver Box Mini Art Craft Science Industry Engraving Cutting Machine

This one is prime eligible


From the picture on Amazon, that one is only laser, no milling. It looks like the drive mechanism is (as common for that kind of machine) based on CD/DVD drives, which limits travel to about 50mm each way. (The fancy one is 130x90mm x40mm height, which could actually machine quite a lot of stuff if you were patient.) In my sidebar at that site, btw, I noticed a “things you might like” 2.5W laser head for $65. If I ever get back to the toys I was building that would be pretty cool…


fair warning, most of those cheap diodes are garbage. a legit one that will cut with the power you expect from its rating will be substantially more expensive (a local friend went through a few of those before discovering that).


What did your friend end up getting that did what he wanted?


Can anyone chime in on a suitable machine (from experience) for engraving brass taxidermy/plaque plates? I have considered one of the machines in the listing, as an alternative to a dedicated engraving machine ($5k +/-).

I missed the mill part. My bad for speed reading at work


For something on that scale, I’d 100% buy this, probably:


My first CNC machine was a TAIG micro mill. I learned a lot with it and would recommend it.

There are MANY factors to consider when buying a mill. I was lucky in that I basically only had two choices when I started. Now there are so many options that it will be very difficult picking the “best” one for your needs.

My advice: the thing you should determine first is the absolute most you’re willing to spend. The market is very competative and you basically get what you pay for. There will always be one that is just a little better if you’re willing to spend just a little more.