Cnc cut rocking horse

Found this on a closed Facebook group I’m on for cnc and laser products. This would lend better to CNC then a laser, but for th Pro models, maybe a pass through slot project.


Also can’t quite seem to find the make on the net anywhere, anyone?

Can’t find that one quickly. There are a bunch under “motorcycle rocking horse” on the web. Including this one with plans on Pinterest.


If the post translation can be believed, it looks like the images are from this Russian forum site.


The bolts would be a safety issue. Really should be inset.

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I recognize the background as [probably] Moscow; but I’ll eat my hat if it isn’t former soviet; so I’d believe that.

That might actually fit through the pass through. Awesome!

Whoa, that’s intense!

Read under “Pro Upgrade” that it’s only 1/4" for the pass-through slot. That’ll be a lot of stacking but I could see how it could still be done.

I was likewise thinking of how much work it would take to stack and recreate this shelf, which I quite like:


I Reminds me of a balance bike a built a couple of years ago. The seat is just laminated 1/4" ply. The rest is 3/4" ply. A big debate for me was getting a CNC to produce more of these or a laser to play with. Went with the laser as I get bored making the same item over and over…

Edit: Found a painted picture


That is fabulous.
The perfect expression wood grain! wow.
The stacked effect reminds me of a topographical map, which is a really cool in 3D!

Man, the possibilities with edge lit acrylic… !

Really cool bike Jamie! I taught my kids to ride a bike in 5 minutes on one of those. No pedals in the way of dragging your feet to feel the balance.
Very cool!

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That thing is awesome. I’d hate to break the dish that goes with that, then you need a whole new shelf


Screw the kids, I want one.

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Awesome job, how did you curve the seat?

Just clamped it in a jig with glue between the 3 layers of 1/4 ply. Then cut it out with bandsaw. If you look really close the jig is behind the mitre saw.