Coaster everywhere (and a clock)

Once you make one set of coasters, it seems that everyone wants a set. So here are three different sets (sorry there is only one picture of the Star Wars set, something went wrong with the pics). The clock is for my sister, who developed a small obsession with squirrel underpants (look it up- it is a real thing), so I made her a clock. I also made cut out underpants out of card stock (not pictured) for her to place on the clock , so she can change his underpants as she wishes. There will be al little piece of putty on the clock for the pants to stick to.


These are outstanding! Really nice work on the coasters. And I have no idea what’s up with the squirrel underpants, but I want a pair now :laughing: Great clock design.


Yep, that’s a new one on me too! He’s got very tidy whities! :smile:


I’m a little bit afraid to, actually. :flushed: :grin:

Great designs!


Ok I am leaving now before the wife sees undies for squirrels.
Otherwise, someday I will have to say on a phone call “can’t talk now, busy designing squirrel underwear”, and I just, just, just… nope.

Fun designs.
Those look like those sticky rubber bumpers for cabinet stops on bottom.
Or are they something else?


yes, they are sticky bumpers on the bottom of the coasters


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We’ve had a couple of mountain lion kills in the area recently (deer). They should come down and preserve the modesty of that dude! :slight_smile:

Animal nudity is horrifically shameful.
If animals were supposed to be naked, they wouldn’t be born fully dressed.
Same as people.


Where did you source the coasters from; buy them or make them on the GF as well? I need to find the deathstar picture/file like you used. I have a few requesting one of those.

As for the squirrel…I have a friend who is obsessed with all things Squirrel. I might have to make one of those, and share the link with them. Very nice work on all of it.

Not gonna google squirrel underpants, because the internet is scary… but those are all excellent creations! Really dig the Pokemon coasters. Need to make a “love” sign like that for TheBoy (he’s 10).

Your coasters are awesome! Did you use Proofgrade acrylic and did you use the Proof grade settings? Using the Proofgrade settings, I can’t seem to get smooth edges on acrylic. Great job!!

I used speed at full and 55 for power, they are actually glass coasters that I ordered off of amazon

Glass coasters ordered off of amazon. The Death Star is an image off of the internet. Just google death star silhouette

As someone that has a squirrel as a pet, there is no way I’m putting underwear on her. She’s a free spirit. That and her teeth are sharp.


I’ve been having issues getting things to center when i engrave, what is your trick for getting those so nicely together?

At last an answer to the burning question " Where do squirrels hide their nuts". I do often travel some of the wielder parts of the Internet seeking insight into bizarre beliefs and practices and how folk can hold those beliefs and try and convince others, but I have not run into that one before.

Brw the work is amazing and wonderful. I bought a clock mechanism and have been thinking of what design to make of it. I think that idea will not be on the short list.

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Everyone has their own techniques and mine is using a score line to make a pattern. I place an outline of the material I’m engraving on in the file and upload the whole thing to the GUI. I place a piece of scrap paper/cardboard etc. on the tray and secure it with magnets. Set the outline to 500 speed and 1 power and run it as a score. I “ignore” all the other elements. This will give you the perfect pattern to place your material on and then go back and run the other file elements.



That clock is awesome! I bet your sister will get a kick out it.

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