Coaster set of whiteboard/blackboard

Sets of 6 coasters done in Lowe’s whiteboard/chalkboard material. Images from 80-year-old sci-fi comics reworked in Photoshop and Illustrator. Container by Box-O-Matic and Illustrator. Finished with Krylon Triple-thick clear glaze.
My first container was all black, which was pretty cool, but I reassembled it in reverse and really liked those stark black-on-white box joints.
It’s a simple project, though it took me 4 tries to get the container just the right size.


Fantastic work! The images are great. I love the retro look!


Love the way the material has worked out.

Anybody know of anything like it in the UK?

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The board is very cheap to buy but getting paint and primer to bond to it is difficult. I have had to scuff it up with sand paper to get it to bite. Are there any other recommendations?

As it is particleboard underneath you could just spray that white before engraving and clear after.

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I love the detail you can get on the whiteboard! I was a little worried about their durability until I saw you’d sealed them with the glaze : )
Those turned out great!


Gasp! That is amazing! I really like the different levels of contrast, and now I want some of that stuff…


You really maximized the properties of that material, and great job prepping the artwork. I agree that the black joints look great on the white container.


Great idea and execution. The retro comic art looks really cool.


Wow the came out great. I love the material and use it a lot myself.

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I built a paper & vinyl holder for my wife & used the whiteboard for the shelves. I had material left over & was going to play with it. This is a great for those materials, thanks for sharing it.


Black and white always provides an awesome contrast … these are awesome!

Any chance you can share your settings?

These are for the dry-erase/chalkboard that Lowe’s sells, nominally 1/8" thick.
Engrave: 1000/95, vary power, 270 lines per inch.
Cut: somewhere between 170/full and 195/full. I’m finding that settings can vary widely depending on how clean my optics are.I try to keep the speed high to avoid flaming, but sometimes it won’t cut through. I think 185/full is a safe compromise.

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We can’t discuss non proofgrade setting anywhere but in the Beyond the Manual category. Would you like me to move this post or do you want to remove your settings and simply pm them the the other poster?

Didn’t know the rules. Please move my post. Thanks.