Coasters and Holder

One of the first things I tried on the glowforge when I received it a few months back was a ceramic coaster. Too easy of a project to not try!

Not sure why I had the inspiration to get this made, but I’m not mad at it :rofl:


Nice! One of the first things I did too a couple of years ago when I got mine. We are still using those same coasters, although they’re wood and not ceramic.


What do you use after you engrave the coaster? A lot of people use sharpies but then do you spray with any kind of sealer after that?

I would if I were selling them, but as I only use it at home, I don’t. If they fade, its easy enough to re"sharpen" them


Ok. I’ve been trying to find the perfect thing to seal them after doing the engraving and sharpie. Was just trying to see what everyone else is using. I have found a ceramic glaze spray on that I have been using but haven’t sold any yet

I would think any sealer would work. It would fill in the porous surface of the engraving, thus protecting the ink

Yeah I tried some spray stuff that made a texture and then I tried a paint on type one and the brush lines were visible. Only thing I have found is a ceramic glaze. Leaves a nice shiny coat

Before I got my GF I had a stack of white 6 inch square porcelain tiles left over from my bathroom. I specifically hung onto them so I could laser them but I have searched for them ever since I got the laser and can’t find them. And do you think I can ever remember to pick up some when I go to the hardware store? One of these days… I’m gonna try me some tile engraving… maybe :mask:


Great project!

I just found a whole crate full that someone got tossed out of their storage unit. Maybe you’d have such luck somewhere like that. Completely free too. I did find some at menards in the tiles for floors

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