Coasters are my new favorite thing


They are sooo easy! I think it’s my go-to gift item!


Beautiful! That will make lovely gifts! :grinning:


Share some details! These are intriguing!


Awesome texture. Great job.


Looks great! I Love the Nautilus look. :shell: Nice work.


Turned out great!


I think I got this file under fossils on there are a few other sites I use, I got my 5 free images for “Non” commercial use from Dreamstime “just make sure to cancel before your free week is up” and I’m making some gifts from those as well, for this coaster set I did the 3d engraving which is my favorite <3, then did a whitewash then sealed it, before the seal was dry I went over it with dry watercolor then added another coat of sealant.


Here is my newest set <3 Betta coasters, these ones I designed from scratch so I am proud of them lol


Very pretty! :slightly_smiling_face:


What is this made out of? It’s really pretty!



I think we have ran over 100 coasters since last week. Quick, easy and easily customizable gift for all the family!


Medium poplar, sealant, watercolor… then more sealant :slight_smile: